In just three years, Stephanie Chehade has had a meteoric rise in the fashion industry, thanks not only to her talent, but her incredible initiative.

The brazen 27 year old was adamant her first ready to wear collection needed to launch in New York. 

She enlisted the help of Sydney company, Fashion Palette, to help get her designs on the runway in the Big Apple and the rest is history.


“I look back now and I can’t believe I did that. I hadn’t even done Adelaide Fashion Festival and I just thought, I’m going to showcase in New York”, she laughs.

That was in 2016. The same year Jesinta Franklin made her 'Black Thunder Pantsuit' famous, by wearing it on the red carpet at the Brownlow.

“I’m pretty sure I screamed. I was like how am I going to get it to her, because I was still in New York and I had the only sample, but it all worked out,” she explains.

Source: Jesinta Franklin

Now with a third collection under her belt, showcased at the Adelaide Fashion Festival last October, the Tafe South Australia Fashion graduate, says her style is evolving. 

“I think the first collection I wanted to keep it more simple, as in the colour palette because you can’t really go wrong with something like that. But now, I’m sort of finding my style. I feel like this is my best collection yet” Stephanie says.

"I feel like this is my best collection yet".

She says she was initially known predominantly for cut-outs and revealing necklines, but that’s not really her personal style. 

“It was really strange that’s the first collection I put out there, when it’s not really how I dress. So now I’m sort of moving towards that,” she says.

She says ultimate style is being comfortable in your own skin.

“As long as you are comfortable in whatever you’re wearing, you’ll pull it off. If you’re wearing something and it’s too tight or if it’s showing too many things, or anything like that, you’re never going to be comfortable in it and you’re never going to look good”, she says. 

As well as selling online, Stephanie has been showcasing her collections at pop up stores across Adelaide.

This year, she hopes to expand the business by wholesaling interstate, and eventually plans to open a flagship store in Adelaide. 

It means we may have to wait a little longer for her next collection, either Summer 2018 or Winter 2019, but she promises it’ll be worth it.

Stephanie says “I don’t want to go back in the past, I want to keep creating new things and keep it fresh”.

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