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To Tiff Manuell, life is more beautiful in colour. 

“Colour makes life interesting, it changes mood, inspires, arouses, excites… without it, it’s hard to imagine design at all”, she explains.


"Colour makes life interesting... without it, it's hard to imagine design at all."

Her signature bags can be bright and bold, or an eclectic mix of pastels, but they’re always unique. In just 5 years on the market, they’ve become a must-have accessory for fashionistas across the globe.

But Tiff doesn’t bend to trends. She says, “It is more about the colour and the pattern and the art of it, as opposed to something being fashionable.” 

“It’s easy to be really distracted by what’s in and what’s out. It takes away the individuality of people. I feel like anyone who’s got great style, is someone who’s taken elements out of a range and made it their own”, Tiff explains.

She says she’s not one to tread water, “I’m always up for a bit of a challenge. If I’m slightly bored, it’s dangerous.”

"If I'm slightly bored, it's dangerous."

This week marks a huge milestone for Tiff Manuell, who’s launching a range of sportswear. It’ll soon be followed by a line of daywear. The new venture's allowed the designer to draw on the skills she learnt studying fashion design.

“It’s not something I really, really wanted to pursue, but I think naturally I’ve just fallen back into it”, she says.


The apparel range was born out of necessity. The pieces were showcased at this year’s Adelaide Fashion Festival, which Tiff Manuell says she was honoured to be asked to open for the first time. 

“We had to do a lot more clothing, because we can’t really just do a show on bags”, Tiff explains.

I was thrilled to be in the audience as her designs hit the runway in an explosion of colour. The Models and dancers were decked out with futuristic, colourful hairstyles, perfect to introduce the new era of Tiff Manuell's apparel.

Tiff says she’s excited by the new venture, but producing quality bags is still her priority. 

“There’s a really kind of nice, fresh, fast momentum with the bags… Everyday we paint a bag and two weeks later it’s in the store and we’re selling it.”


The brand’s stocked in about 30 stores, including the Tate Modern. But it’s hugely popular online too. 

“Online has really been our focus, because it’s kind of the window to the world”, Tiff explains.

Some stock has been snapped up in the UK, but Tiff says the focus is growing the US Market.

“It’s going to be a really exciting thing for us, selling directly to them, because they’ve got a similar aesthetic for colour you know, especially in California,” says Tiff… “So it kind of feels good, you know, it feels really exciting.”

Keep an eye out for the launch of Tiff Manuell’s apparel ranges this week on her website.

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